Live shorthand: FAW-Volkswagen and Weimar Motor
Review of phased StrategyAnd Post-epidemic Layout

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As one of the series of iDigital online columns, the "Dialogue" section is a pioneer in the dialogue industry in the form of online video round-table discussions. From the content, data, marketing and other dimensions, mining the secret of stock and growth. In the latest issue of iDigital live broadcast, Zhao Liang, president of Yi car Research Institute, joined hands with Mei Songlin, CDO of Weimar Automobile, and Ma Zhenshan, deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen sales Company, to discuss the phased strategic review, direct broadcast of cars and strategic layout after the epidemic.

The following is organized by the shorthand of the live dialogue of the three guests, the details can be scanned below to directly click on the dialogue scene.

Zhao Liang: it is a great honor to be invited to participate in the "Dialogue" program held by iDigital, through the form of an online video round table, with the two digital marketing tycoons.Discussion on the topic of Digital Marketing. Especially in the epidemic stage, this topic is very practical.
I am host Zhao Liang, previously engaged in the marketing front line work in the automobile dealer group, 8 years ago switched to the Internet field, participated in two automobile Internet entrepreneurial projects, one is the automobile intelligent marketing platform construction and promotion, the other is the automobile ecommerce platform construction and promotion. In the past three years, he has been engaged in industry insight, market insight, user insight and other consulting business based on automobile consumption behavior big data. The application scenario is mainly the digital marketing business of manufacturers and dealers.
The epidemic has shut down production and economic activities. On the supply side, the shutdown of factories and the suspension of trading have led to the inability to produce and sell goods; on the demand side, workers have no income if they do not start work, thus curbing consumer demand. Offline entity recovery is still some time, online cloud not only has not been affected, but has ushered in a wave of traffic peak because of high communication efficiency.In this special period of epidemic situation, how do car marketers formulate flexible marketing strategies and hedge against risk?Next, we would like to invite two round-table guests today: Ma Zhenshan, deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen sales Company, and May (Weimar CDO Mei Songlin) to have a brief talk.Prediction of Market trend and Countermeasures.

Zhao Liang, president of the Yi car Research Institute, the host of this live broadcast.

For example, at the end of February, Golf 7 is ready to replace by the end of the year, and the recovery of this car is the fastest. Our research has found that many middle class, women use cars, want to buy a car to show their status, at the same time can meet the rigid needs of the car, each car is different, the characteristics are also different, golf is such a feature, do market research for us in the recovery period, do market research, do market. All pose high challenges. So, we should take our time.Learn to adapt to this changing era, find their own positioning, find the mode and way of marketing.

Ma Zhenshan, deputy general manager of FAW Volkswagen sales Co., Ltd.

How can we find a way to survive and develop?
Mei Songlin: I work as chief data officer at Wema Motor. As far as I know, Wema Motor is the only one who has this position, because Wema Motor has proposedThree-step StrategyThe first step is to be a popularizer of smart electric vehicles, and the second step is to be a data-driven intelligent company. In response to this call, I joined Weimar to help make decisions with data and empower the operation of the business, which is my basic situation.
President Ma talked about the situation in the industry just now, so I will talk about it in detail from another point of view.What challenges did Wema Motor face during the epidemic and how do we deal with the challenges?
First of all, let's start with the sales volume, our base is relatively small, so at present, the impact is not very large, relatively stable. After the outbreak, we should:

1 、Think about the security of employees and partners. Weimar cars, which are inherently digital and intelligent, have been used to working online. WeChat Work we did the secondary development, daily work punch, temperature report, to help understand the health of each employee and location information, can telecommuting attendance, basically has no impact, as in the office.

2 、On a security basis, how to ensure telecommuting during the epidemic. Through vpn, Wechat and other platforms, seamless so that more than 2, 000 employees, in more than a dozen countries, can work closely together.

3 、Develop online learning platform, set up live broadcast online, cheer up employees and communicate in time. With the advantage of digitization, the office is not affected.

4 、Use your C2M platform to ensure that the production system is not affected. 2.21 the production line will resume work and the products will be offline within a week, because we have an ecommerce platform, all consumers buy cars on the ecommerce platform to place orders, in this ecommerce platform can be customized, after completion of the customization will be sent directly to the Wenzhou production workshop, Wenzhou workshop will be sent to our suppliers through the SRM system. The supplier then makes seamless links to the production workshop through the SRM system to tell them when the car can be produced. The user's order is cloud, to the factory, and then to the supplier, and the whole system is all online.
Our system applied for high-tech projects in Shanghai and was evaluated last year, which is something we are very proud of. Production is not affected, new product development is not affected, the traditional practice is to review experts to the site to see the car and review.
How did you do it during the epidemic? We've been trying to use AR and VR, for a long time so that different experts can see it in different places, and we can be there like an on-site review car. As long as we are prepared, we can use it in the event of sudden events. Technology is prepared for the need from time to time. Our office, production, R & D evaluation is basically unaffected.
>Zhao Liang:Wilma built C2M's new business model, compared with the traditional car retail, what changes have taken place in the business process?From the perspective of user experience, what better experience can be provided to users?

Mei Songlin: this is the starting pointWe used the online ecommerce order system, no matter how the sales line came from, the customer placed the order, all concentrated on the online order system, this entrance is very important, there is this entrance, the consumer can configure the car he / she wants according to the demand.. After the configuration, the order will be submitted to our production system. This process system is called C2M (Customer to Manufacturer),. In the past, consumers were separated by several layers from manufacturers. Now consumers can face the factory directly. With the system, consumers have communication with manufacturers. The communication between manufacturers and suppliers is called SRM, which is two systems that connect the chain. It was six weeks from the user to the user to pick up the car, and after more than a year of iterations, the delivery of Weimar's first car was at the end of September 18, shortening the time to a minimum of three weeks after a year and a half, and up to three weeks from the user placing the order to getting the car.
Zhao Liang: in the traditional sales mode, if there is no physical inventory, the 4s store will place an order with the manufacturer after receiving the customer order, the whole response process will take 1-3 months, and the tight model will even take more than half a year. It takes us only three weeks to correspond to a user's order, which is a strong core competitiveness. Excuse me, General Manager Mei,How do we deliver the new car at the moment? What areas can new car delivery cover?

Mei Songlin:In the absence of an epidemic, delivery in the distribution store, in the case of the epidemic according to the needs of the user to deliver the car, can be delivered to the door. In general, consumers are still willing to go to the store to deliver, because many of the processes of intelligent electric vehicles are not the same as traditional cars, the use of the system, the entire delivery process is still quite complex. More than 50 open cities can deliver, electric car sales in the country is still relatively concentrated, in the third and fourth tier cities spread to the trend, but sales are still relatively concentrated.

Weimar car CDO-- Mason Lin

Zhao Liang: OK, thank you. Just now, when Boss Ma shared it, he mentioned a very valuable point of view.In such a rapidly changing market environment, marketers must have the ability to explore the nature of change. Big data is a tool for marketers to see this change efficiently.. Marketing begins with user insight, and the change of car Research Institute has just released the 2020-2025 New user Insight report, which discusses the trend of user change, and several of these views are shared with you:

1. The post-90s generation promotes the consumption of the first car purchase market:After 90 of the total population of nearly 200 million people in 2018, they contributed 6.5 million terminal sales to China's passenger cars, accounting for nearly 30 per cent of the market, but the potential of the post-90s generation has not been fully released; undergraduate and graduate students have continued to increase, and the fresh graduates are close to their peers, which is the potential purchasing power of the car market; nearly 100 million young people in small towns have accelerated their influx into the city, engaged in online car hailing, express delivery, takeout and so on, and have gradually become potential purchasing power.

2. Post-80s boosts the consumption of repurchased cars in the market:The post-80s generation in 2018 contributed more than 8.3 million terminal sales to China's passenger cars, accounting for more than 37 percent of the market. By the end of 2019, there were more than 70 million car owners in the post-80s generation, plus 1/3 used car owners, with more than 100 million car owners. If according to the opposite half purchase car conversion deduction, almost has to have more than 200 million people; 80 post-80s second-child families, women will become the main consumer of the car market.

3. After 70, there will be differentiation in the purchase of cars:The middle class and above will become the main driving force in the luxury car market, and the ordinary working class will be more pragmatic in buying cars, focusing on high-quality models in low-cost areas.

4. After 60 years, it will promote the consumption of the elderly car market:According to incomplete statistics, at present, the annual sales of low-speed electric vehicles exceed 3 million, users mainly from the elderly group, the next few years after 60 years may help them sell more than 5 million vehicles, the urgent need for mainstream car companies to "become a regular employee" of the marginal market.
Next, please consult Mr. Ma,In view of this kind of market change this year, do we have some specific strategies to deal with the product arrangement and dealer channel policy?

Ma Zhenshan: Jida has three vs5, cars, covering less than 100, 000 markets, and the lowest end of the Volkswagen brand is Baolai, between 90, 000 and 140000. The problem we face is whether the product line coverage of Volkswagen brand is relatively narrow. Our highest-end cc is about 300000, and our space is 9-300000. We know that between 200000 and 300000, like the avv brand, the largest pain point in the whole product sequence, in the 10-200000 range to layout a variety of models, second-car, third-car, SUV, this is also the characteristics and tasks of Volkswagen, brand breakthrough, there are no seven-seater car in the product sequence, seven-seater car is still more suitable for the two-child family, so 90-300000 of the car is only Paulay, the brand breakthrough, in the product sequence, there are no seven-seater cars, seven-seater cars are still more suitable for the two-child family, so the 90000-300000 car is only Paulay. At present, from the modeling, chassis, total process, to see the competitiveness of the product is still in.
From the dealer's point of view, we currently have 900 dealers, from the city is basically full coverage, in terms of urban density is also enough, we alsoAnalyze the situation of dealers, fixed costs, such as employees, the cost of funds, as well as the difficulties faced by distributors, such as the resumption of the doorIn February, when the research began on the fourth day of junior high school, dealers will have to reduce the burden, because the mass brand mainly depends on dealers, and the accumulation of dealers is what we need to consider.Study the pain points of dealers, including canceling the assessment of the mission for the month, including giving support to market policies and easing the pressure on funds. At present, after 1-2 months of adjustment, dealers in a healthy state of policy, the whole degree of follow-up has returned to a more normal state, so dealers follow the degree, we can also maintain a good posture, so in March CPC number, Volkswagen several brands add up or maintain, this is a sound strategic decision.
+$实际上从政策上,今年主DifferentiationBecause this year, some of the economies in various parts of the country are endophytic consumption and some export, which is not quite the same. Increase differentiation policy formulation, our six regions, each region has the right to make differences, in response to the policy, according to the budget timely adjustment, so that dealers can follow in time to carry out activities.
In the development of the whole dealer, we sayThe Origin of Marketing. In fact, no matter whether it is a new tuyere, whether it is a new tuyere or a form, it will return to the source of customer. From the point of view of contacts, the network of 900 dealers is the contact point, that is, the platform for communication and understanding with customers, services, and mutual communication. Each contact in each active customer can reach the level of 20 to 50, 000, but also a large number of Preservation marketing resources.
So this year, on the one hand, we encourage dealers to do local marketing and become big customers. In the development of the entire dealer to encourage the maintenance of customer care, become our re-car customers and transfer customers. Continue to do a good job of online marketing, help dealers to introduce means, reduce dealers in the data clarity and solicitation pain point. For example, if the number of cables is relatively large, it is difficult to invite the pain point.
Vigorously promote the live broadcast business of dealersIt rose two years ago, mainly fast-selling products, and became more popular in the automobile industry after the epidemic. It is now popular to call a direct customer. In the live broadcast, consumers need more intuitive, convenient and low cost communication, so the promotion of 5g technology and the whole platform makes each store, on the one hand, can interact with the holding customers live, at the same time, it is a very good way to go directly with potential customers, introduce the knowledge of raising cars, introduce the selling points of new cars, and introduce the service of stores. Increasing the live broadcast on the store side, the pressure on the transformation of 3cm is also relatively great, the whole live broadcast requires a lot of effort, short video production, live content preparation, hardware equipment, script production, is a great challenge for dealers, but I believe that the live broadcast level of 900 stores can be improved rapidly.
In the short term, we see it as an important carrier of interaction with customers.. Live tape will actually be a great potential, source of clues, and source of sales in the future. Short-term live logic, short video production, strong ability to absorb powder, need patience and determination. Keep the ability of dealers up to date. Now we do rely on offline, a few in a day is good, the cost is very high, dealers face a lot of cost problems, we must consider the pain point of dealers, contact the development and opportunities of technology to contact and promote dealers broader, more expand the source of clues and customers.
Zhao Liang: when it comes to live broadcast, in fact, as the forerunner of car digital marketing, we are thinking about it.What does live broadcast mean to manufacturers and dealers. Live broadcast is a very good marketing tool, from the perspective of host factory brand marketing, it is easy to achieve hundreds of thousands or even millions of players in the way of "large traffic platform + large IP", and the communication efficiency is still very high.

However, for dealers, I think the threshold and efficiency of live broadcast with goods is still questionable. 1) the information density of automobile direct broadcast is very high, the design of automobile brand knowledge, the selling point of this product, the comparative advantages and disadvantages of competitive products, price policy and so on, the knowledge structure of live broadcast personnel is very high; 2) the efficiency of direct broadcast of automobile purchase is not high, compared with the live broadcast of low value consumables, it is difficult to form large-scale sales and low conversion efficiency; third, the turnover rate of employees is high, and it is difficult to form a stable live broadcast operation team.
No matter what kind of marketing tools or methods, ultimately can not be separated from the data drive.Next, we have to invite Mr. Mei,How do you use data to drive marketing?
Mei Songlin: the most important job of the epidemic is to broadcast it live on the Internet. Special practices in special periods cannot be used as conventional means. Online live broadcast on a large scale is caused by restrictions on offline activities.It can't be too simple to rely on live broadcast online. This is a new form and should be supported by new content.. New bottles must be used to hold new wine, which means that the content should be different when it is broadcast live. For example, everyone is watching the car, and then comparing the car, to launch a new one. For example, Weimar direct purchase-to have a package, sell services, so that consumers have a new feeling.
Live broadcast online this is contactless, the lower part of the funnel is offline, the upper half of the funnel can be done very well, how to do the offline part, contactless door-to-door test drive, the use of intelligent APP, can drive, drive away, try out, after a period of time, the staff will drive back, now not all of them have to be online, but to be contactless.
After there are a lot of clues, how to operate the customer. Clue divisionGeneralized ClueAndNarrow ClueMany people are only interested in brands and do not buy cars at the moment, which is a broad clue. The other part is to buy a car within half a year, is a narrow clue, to follow up. It doesn't work directly to make a phone call. It is necessary to understand the needs, considerations, attitudes and concerns of potential customers offline, to subdivide the users, to separate the skills of consumers, and to give full play to the value of clues. Between the market and the sales to add a link, filter, produce different coping styles and skills, and then go to the phone.
Zhao Liang:Dr. Mei uses data-driven marketing, and Ma uses content-driven marketing. Next, please share your practical experience in content marketing.

Ma Zhenshan: whether the car is now the fuel car to the future tram, in fact, the source of content,Live broadcast is the way of communication between the mainframe factory and the customer.. No matter the fuel car tram, the walking mechanism to the mobile space-the future space, itself is the science and technology application scene, the huge content source. Represents the big industry, the science and technology application scene. For consumers, technology brings convenience to consumers. For young consumers, it is technology and industrial awareness of technology that makes it better to promote work.
The ability of the car is a huge source of content,The future is the composition of content marketing, brand and technology, and technology is more important in the future.Technology covers the cloud, to the operating system, to chips to components, and so on. From software to hardware, manufacturers will invest a lot of budget to promote. We pay close attention to the trend of marketing, not only traffic, when new products come, positioning is what, marketers or knowledge providers, car companies positioning is mobile travel service providers, future marketing will also be adjusted, the future we will also have trams, the future positioning is still exploring.
Zhao Liang: please share with Mei how to use data to drive marketing, innovate user growth, and empower dealers.
Mei Songlin:Now there is a concept of new retail, my personal understanding is that data-driven retail is new retail, from a data-driven perspective to promote growth and enabling dealers.

1:Innovation of business modelThe traditional car model is that the manufacturer builds the car, then sells it to the dealership, and then sells it to the customer, which is the owner of the yard. There is a problem, consumers in the end, how do you know what kind of configuration consumers like, is always a contradiction, maybe a lot of configuration car models are not needed in the market, so to do innovation in this regard. The innovation of human goods yard. In this way, users enter our online membership system, and we continue to deepen our understanding of users. Through ecommerce, we can tell us their needs very clearly, so the factory produces the car, the factory produces it, and then it goes to the store to deliver it to the consumer. The process is completely upended so that inventory is reduced and custom cars can be reduced to at least three weeks.

2:Briefly share what the data-driven center, the department I led during the epidemic, did. Because during the epidemic, consumer concerns, pain points, demand is different, how to better meet the requirements in terms of services and products, data can play a role. We did it at three o'clock.

1: online research to understand his / her concernsThe pain point when using a car, this is to understand the problems of our own customers.

2: quickly get the common pain point in this industry through online public opinion, what are we doing to meet the challenges?.

Third: the data of intelligent electric vehicle network to understand the mileage of users.Combined with small data and online big data immediately understand what the owner is thinking and what the industry is doing.

Use the data of the car network to observe the key behavior information, use mileage, before the epidemic situation, in the epidemic situation, how to change after the epidemic situation, what changes are taking place in consumer behavior, where the situation of resuming work, what situation of economic recovery in various places is in, the situation of resuming work and the situation of recovery. Through these research data and online, car network data, let the power of the data release, think of the front of users, take the initiative to carry out work, take the initiative to grasp the rhythm of production and sales.
>Zhao Liang: to a certain extent, this epidemic situation has accelerated the exploration and practice of digitization and marketing innovation of traditional enterprises and new forces of car building.Boss Ma to share our FAW Volkswagen in this period, what specific practical experience?

Ma Zhenshan: FAW Volkswagen and Volkswagen Group under the leadership of FAW Group, marketing, production, R & D, finance, daily office and other comprehensive digitization, accelerate the promotion.The core is to speed up the introduction of digitization and achieve efficiency.. In the field of marketing, big data is introduced to diagnose the vehicle model, and to judge the competitiveness of the car through the third party and multi-dimensional grasp of the word of mouth and all levels of each car customer. Diagnose each car regularly. Douyin and headlines are good data applications. In the process of digital marketing transformation, on the one hand, guide, use the platform, data efficiency is more accurate. Find the right position, value, test the determination of the enterprise.
FAW Volkswagen in the digital promotion of enthusiasm is very high, embrace digital, relatively open, actively learn from brother enterprises, based on their own characteristics, digital transformation.

Zhao Liang:Marketing Libra at both ends, one end is art, one end is technology. Two marketing experts, Mr. Ma and Dr. Mei, combine content creativity and data drive well in the daily specific marketing work, affect the user's mind, transfer brand and product value, and realize the perfect integration of art and technology.
>Next, let's move on to the last question,In view of 2020, and the longer term future, the two bosses on the car environment how to develop, the whole car pattern will change, how we should layout new business, talk about your ideas.
Mei Songlin: on the big side,Have confidence in the country and the economyThe Chinese nation can recover quickly after every suffering, and this time is no exception. But recognizing that the impact of the epidemic on us is different, China now has to help the world's major economies, and cars are a highly globalized industry. Hello, everyone, so we can get better.
The Second Aspect,The epidemic is a big experiment, and if this happens again, the contactless full sales process can be fully established.
This time, the central government and local governments are quick to come up with policies to promote car consumption, and car consumption incentive policies prefer intelligent electric vehicles, to seize the opportunity. In terms of products, some consumers pay more attention to health, safety and high quality. The other part is the demotion of consumption, more conservative consumption, Weimar car 16-character policy: to build a car, safe and reliable, stable quality, excellent experience, reasonable price. Meet both quality and cost requirements.

Zhao Liang: consumption upgrade and downgrade, the final conclusion of the Institute is to be competitive and better optimize the user experience.
Ma Zhenshan:The whole economy, I think, like human blood, can not stop. From the point of view of the country, actively expanding domestic demand, cars must be an important part of the state to stimulate domestic demand.. The prospect of cars is sunrise, and from the point of view of national policy, we have to observe again and balance our finances to stimulate the effective development of the economy. We need labor, CPI some rise, no labor, limited total supply, the state can make use of big data's effective conditions, can balance the pace of production, supply and marketing, cars are still relatively optimistic, but also affected by the global impact will have twists and turns. Participate in the upsurge of stimulating domestic sales, do their own things well, and resist the impact of the epidemic.
Zhao Liang: in April-May, we expect a wave of lagging consumer demand to slow down in the car market, but in the first half of this year, it is difficult to have a good growth in the car market as a whole. Now everyone has expectations for the second half of the year, such as the recovery of consumer demand, or the corresponding pro-people policy to stimulate consumer demand and so on. In the longer term of 3-5 years, the liberalization of the stock ratio limit of Chinese passenger cars will be the biggest influencing factor in the future car market, which will change the existing competition pattern of the car market and the existing rules of the game. The change of cars Research Institute has just released the "Competition" Post-Joint Venture era "report, everyone pays attention to the official account of the change of cars Research Institute can be obtained. Thank you for sharing with the two guests today. We look forward to our in-depth booth discussion in the next issue of the "Dialogue" column.