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Assist in the new growth of cars in 2020

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Auto Digitalization & Marketing Innovation ConferenceIt will be held in Shanghai on July 10, 2020. For the outstanding representatives of the automotive industry, we are soliciting guests from the VIP expert Advisory Panel to participate in the evaluation of the ADMIC Innovation Awards of the year and the guidance and sharing of the industry summit.

The ADMIC Summit was hosted by iDigitalChina, the leading organizer of the Digital and MarTech Industry Summit in the Asia-Pacific region. The summit will gather 500 industry representatives from outstanding mainframe factories, dealers, ecommerce platforms, new car-building forces, future travel companies, digital marketing technology, media and advertising agency executives, and 50 + professional media representatives in the automotive and marketing fields to discuss issues such as the digital transformation of cars, big data's empowerment of new business forms, automobile marketing and retail innovation and growth.

Over the same period, the summit will feature months of the ADMIC Golden Bright Award (the Digital & Marketing Innovation Award of the year and the list of cars of the year). Through the online and offline omni-channel review, recognize the most innovative enterprises and representatives of the year, so as to further promote the all-round development of automobile digitization and marketing innovation.

In order to further ensure the fairness, fairness and professionalism of the ADMIC Annual Award. The Organizing Committee will invite 10 experts from the automotive industry, representatives of media and consulting companies to give professional review and guidance to the ADMIC annual summit and awards (which can also be recommended / recommended internally on behalf of enterprises / individuals).

>Category Of Awards:

A: company Award (Enterprise / platform)

Best Innovative Business Model of the Year
Best AI Platform/Tech of the Year
Best Digital Content & Communication of the Year
Best Customer Experience of the Year
Best Digital Marketing Supplier of the Year
Annual Automobile Retail Innovation Practitioners

B:Individual Award (Excellent Auto Pioneer)(An excellent leader in the car of the year)

Digital Innovation Leader of the Year

Digital Marketing Leader of the Year

C:Category of awards: car series of the yearList

Best Import Cars of the Year

Best Chinese-Brand Cars of the Year

Best Joint Venture Cars of the Year

Best New Energy Cars of the Year

Welcome you to recommend or recommend excellent digital and marketing representatives in the automotive field, become ADMIC expert jury, participate in the evaluation and guidance of ADMIC Digital & Marketing Award of the year.