Organized by iDigital China and strategically supported by the Automobile Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the ADMIC Automobile Digital & Marketing Innovation Summit and Golden Award Awards ended perfectly in Shanghai on July 10, 2020. The event gathered a total of 456 outstanding representatives of the automotive industry, more than 58% of them from the representatives of the mainframe factory and dealer group industry leading representatives. Auto leaders from Geely, Volvo, Jeep, Jiangling, FAW-Volkswagen, Porsche, SAIC General Motors, FAW Pentium, Changan Oshang, Guangqi Weilai Motor, Dongfeng Honda, Xiaopeng Motor, Weima Motor, Aichi Automobile, Guanghui Group and other automobile leaders attended the summit. In view of the automobile digital transformation, the automobile marketing new retail, the creative intelligent marketing, the user experience and the growth and so on topic has carried on the profound discussion and the sharing.

On the morning of the meeting, Zhao Yang, president of the Automobile Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, first delivered an opening speech for the ADMIC summit, sharing and looking forward to the hot directions of big data, 5G and new infrastructure in the automotive industry.

Zhao Yang, Vice President, Automobile Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

In a speech on retail innovation in the automotive industry, Raj DasGupta, chief information officer for Asia Pacific at Fiat Chrysler (FCA), shared trends in online sales in the automotive retail industry and specific innovations in retail cases. Digital solutions will continue to be enhanced by suggesting that retail innovation requires insight into the truth of things.

Raj DasGupta, Chief Information Officer for Asia Pacific, Fiat Chrysler (FCA)

Zhou Jiang, vice president of the United Company, shared the recent marketing actions of Nacha car and put forward the concept of "intelligent emotional technology" in his subsequent speech. "Brand should be upward, products should be experienced, intelligent technology is a point where we communicate with users. Then being friends with users is our key. "

Zhou Jiang, Vice President, United Co., Ltd.

In the sharing of "data application" to break the growth of automobile retail, Fang Nan, director of digital marketing of Changan Oshang Automobile, shared the specific case of Changan Auchamp Automobile defining products with user demand and using user driving behavior data as products, which showed us the way to break the retail innovation of automobile industry from the point of view of data.

Fang Nan, Director of Digital Marketing, Chang'an Oshang Automobile

In the speech of Intelligent driven Wisdom Exhibition Hall-Automobile Digital Retail solution, Wu Chuyun, Vice President of Technology and General Manager of Innovation Industry, shared the specific solution of how to carry out digital marketing under the people-oriented center of the whole artificial intelligence new technology in the automobile industry.

Wu Chuyun, Vice President & General Manager of Innovation Industry, Yunfu Science and Technology

Under the epidemic situation, how to activate the automobile marketing with the power of the, IMS () Wang Xiang, general manager of the SMART marketing department, discussed the live traffic of the automobile industry. It is proposed that "live broadcast with goods is actually an extension of the network of sales channels." Red man marketing can not be separated from the essence of the whole business, there are good products can have good marketing. "

Wang Xiang, General Manager of SMART Marketing Department, IMS (World Show)

Then there is the sharing between smart car and social marketing brought by Li Pengcheng, vice president of Xiaopeng Automobile / general manager of brand public relations. In his speech, Li Pengcheng said: "to be an operator, you should be affectionate, interesting, useful, and of quality." As a new brand of smart cars, we must innovate in order to find their own position in the fierce market competition and slowly develop. "

Li Pengcheng, Vice President / General Manager of Brand Public Relations, Xiaopeng Automobile

From big data to retail innovation to specific marketing methodology, representatives of the automobile industry made a new interpretation at the ADMIC summit. In the morning round-table discussion on "thinking under the epidemic situation-how to respond to the unpredictable Future", Zhao Fangcheng, General Manager of Brand Division of Jiangling Automobile sales Co., Ltd., Li Pengcheng, Vice President of Xiaopeng Automobile / General Manager of Brand Public Relations, an Jiheng, Vice President of Aichi Automobile, and Xu Yang, Global partner / Managing Director of Boston Consulting Co., Ltd. And Shi Yuntao, director of enterprise architecture and solution in China and operating officer of ThoughtWorks China, led by Li Zheng, partner and vice president of 36 Kr, led by Li Zheng, chairman of the round table, conducted an in-depth discussion on strategic review and automobile retail innovation, marketing and digital transformation during the epidemic.

This ADMIC summit takes big data as the axis to run through the whole day's content discussion, from the prospect of automobile retail to social marketing, content operation, to specific innovative solutions and other dimensions to give new inspiration and help to the guests. In the afternoon agenda, the summit focused on the digital transformation of big data enabling enterprises. Wang Bo, as the director of Jeep digital intelligent marketing and intelligent automobile federation, shared the practice sharing and thinking of the digital transformation of the automobile industry.

Wang Bo, Director of Digital Intelligent Marketing and Intelligent Automobile Federation, Jeep

As the representative of the new power of car building, Li Jun, director of big data platform of Aichi Motor Co., Ltd., analyzes three directions in the process of digital transformation through concrete cases: challenge thinking, value sharing and development thinking.

Li Navy, Director of platform big data, Aichi Motor

As a problem that the industry has been concerned about, how to realize the digital transformation of automobile industry marketing with half the effort? Yuan Hanbei, head of global solutions at nEqual and head of automotive brand marketing digital transformation project in China, conducted an in-depth discussion. This paper discusses the phenomena and dimensions of channel differentiation, target idealization, organizational isolation, effect localization and so on, and returns to the essence of marketing.

Yuan Hanbei, head of National Solutions & head of Digital Transformation Project of domestic head Automobile Brand Marketing, nEqual Enyke

In the following speech on how to do the digital innovation of the whole link in the automobile store, Zhong Xiaoyong, director of IT technology department of Lianyou Technology, shared the whole link digital transformation scheme of Lianyou Technology in marketing. Through the digital way, enhance the experience of customers and consumers, more interactive interaction, improve the business ability of dealers, so as to enhance the value of the brand as a whole, improve customer loyalty.

Zhong Xiaoyong, Director of IT Technology Department, United Friends Technology

Zhang Tianyu, Director of (OMI) Business, Global Marketing Measurement Department of second hand system / head of Automobile and Travel Industry, shared a new innovation growth case in a speech on the innovation scheme of global traffic integration in the automotive industry. "in the past 100 years, all cars have mainly been sold by the whole vehicle, but over the past few years, we have been speeding up the direction of maximizing the value of consumers throughout their life cycle," he said.

Zhang Tianyu, (OMI) Business Director, Global Marketing Measurement Department, head of Automobile and Travel Industry, second hand system

Dealer energy has always been a topic of great concern in automobile marketing and sales, especially how to tide over difficulties with dealers under the epidemic environment, through technical empowerment marketing, break through sales growth? CSO Liu Yi made a specific discussion in the following speech.

Liu Yi, CSO, plus push

The development of marketing technology can not be separated from the application of data, and marketing as one of the key words of the year has always been the focus of attention of the industry. In the following speech, Dai Menglan, vice president of digital intelligence, shared how Taiwan landed in the data from the perspective of the data service department of the brand car factory. It is proposed that "using the thinking of China and Taiwan to land on the ground business project, there are at least three advantages: the first benefit: business carrying, value immediately." Second, it is helpful to cultivate the data thinking of the business. Third: for the data department, really seriously land in the business of Taiwan, do not repeat the wheel. "

Dai Menglan, Vice President, Digital Intelligence

After speeches by many marketing technical representatives, Ren Jin, vice president of digitization from Volvo Motors, brought her digital content sharing and speech. In the data governance, role division of labor and specific practical cases to do some exploration and sharing based on data.

Ren Jin, Vice President of Digital, Volvo Automobile

At the final round-table discussion on intelligent travel and retail innovation experience in the new infrastructure era, Yan Jianrong, vice president of the user center of Guangqilai Automobile, Mei Songlin, chief data officer of Weimar Automobile, Yang Zhengyan, founder and general manager of Aladdin big data, and Tao Genyuan, founder and general manager of Fengche CEO, were led by the moderator, Yan Ji, director of geometry and commerce of Geely Automotive. This paper discusses and shares the topics of new energy vehicles and new infrastructure, intelligent travel, retail innovation and so on.

After visiting the cocktail and exhibition area, the ADMIC car Digital & Marketing Innovation Summit opened the annual award of the event, the Golden Bright Award. Under the witness of the automobile industry branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and many delegates and media, the final award of the car Digital Marketing Innovation Award, which lasted for several months, was announced and awarded.

As the media partners of the conference, Sohu Automobile, Sina Automobile, NetEase Automobile, Pacific Automobile, Gaishi Automobile, AC Automobile, Intelligent Automobile, 17 Automobile Network, Automobile Longand horizontal, Chinese Advertising, 36 Kr, DoNews and other industry media also made a comprehensive three-dimensional media dissemination before and after the conference.

At the same time, the private meeting discussion, booth interactive exchange and other links also made the participants have a new understanding and inspiration for the digital & marketing innovation of the whole automobile industry. At the same time, Mingliao Science and Technology Group, together with Bibito (beBit) Management Consulting Company, jointly released the report "Digital Transformation of Marketing in China's Automobile Industry (2020)-100 steps through poplar, turning danger into opportunity", which made a specific analysis of the environment and challenges faced by the Chinese automobile industry. The report integrates the project experience of marketing digitization transformation of automobile enterprises under the marketing digital product system nEqual and the industry know-how, puts forward the ultimate goal of digital marketing transformation of automobile enterprises. Through three classic cases of digital marketing transformation, the automobile enterprises are guided to combine their own characteristics, actively transform, and explore a suitable and effective way of digital transformation.

So far, the 2020 automobile digitization & marketing innovation summit has come to a successful end. I would like to thank all the business representatives who participated in the meeting for their support, such as Yunfu Technology, IMS World Show, push, Linyou Technology, nEqual Enyke, second hand system, Digital Intelligence, ThoughWorks, long-term Digital, Circle Technology, Dipu Technology, Cloud staring, Boston Consulting, Yunye Technology, WanDiao, Weimeng, Zhidian and other partners.

Introduction to the organizers:
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