The ADMIC summit will hold a special dinner and award ceremony. The ADMIC annual awards dinner will gather the most representative and practical brand and platform representatives to encourage and support the pioneers of digital transformation in the automotive industry and promote specific transformation practices. The award will focus on the leading digital platform and encourage the thought dialogue between top minds to help the industry develop.

ADMIC Awards 2020 divides into three categories: Organization Awards, Individual Awards, and Excellent Cars of the Year. Our mission is discovering and praising the leading and brilliant digital platforms, companies and individuals. All the entries will be judged from professional resident jury, including industry experts, media, and academic experts.

 Jury Process

1. Submit the Application Form

2. Entry Evaluation & Retrial :June

3. Final Evaluation :July

4. Award Ceremony & Banquet:July 10th


Submission cases no more than 3 cases for each company;the award application form must be filled

Supplemental supporting materials such as audio, video, or electronic presentation must be included in the electronic submittal;Our staff will check since two notice inside workdays in day of receive your materials

Judging Criteria

》Organization Award / Individual Award:
The product/service shall have a certain market share or user scale (30%) ;
Having advanced & disruptive products, and the most innovative and commercially effective delivery mode(30%);
With much potential of growth, and the enterprise-scale and product recognition keep improving (30%) ;
Previous Awards /Media Reviews/Customer Recommendation and Feedback (10%) ;

》Individual Award:
Contribution of Automotive Industry/Company (40%); Innovative Case of the Year (40%);
Media Evaluation/The Degree of Profession Approbation (10%); Previous Awards (10%)
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A:Organization Award (Company & Platform)
       Best Innovative Business Model of the Year
       Best AI Platform/Tech of the Year
       Best Digital Content & Communication of the Year
       Best Customer Experience of the Year
       Best Digital Marketing Supplier of the Year
       Best Auto Retail Innovator of the Year
B: Individual Award (Excellent Auto Pioneer)
       Digital Innovation Leader of the Year
       Digital Marketing Leader of the Year
C: Best Cars of the Year
       Best Import Cars of the Year
        Best Chinese-Brand Cars of the Year
        Best Joint Venture Cars of the Year
        Best New Energy Cars of the Year

   NoteThe Committee (iDigitalChina) reserves the right of interpretation of the awards.
Professional Resident Jury